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Why London?

 It is hard to believe that London of 2021 is the same London that has been years, even thousands of years in the making! London, once the financial capital of the World, is now barely recognisable with most businesses shuttered, popular sports either closed, or without crowds, and the once crowded sidewalks now pedestrian  free. It goes without saying, however, that London still has it's foundation there. After all, there are still the Palaces, the Parliament, and the London Eye. The hibernating city still has it's foundation there, ready to spring to life at a moments' notice. And, because of that, London still remains at the top of many peoples list of places to visit, including mine. London was the place when many of my childhood memories were built, and where my experience of the 'big city' was built. With the Pandemic slowly waning, and the vaccine beginning to take effect, it is hoped that by mid-summer London will once again be fully open for business. No on