Why London?

 It is hard to believe that London of 2021 is the same London that has been years, even thousands of years in the making!

Modern London UK

London, once the financial capital of the World, is now barely recognisable with most businesses shuttered, popular sports either closed, or without crowds, and the once crowded sidewalks now pedestrian  free.

It goes without saying, however, that London still has it's foundation there. After all, there are still the Palaces, the Parliament, and the London Eye. The hibernating city still has it's foundation there, ready to spring to life at a moments' notice.

And, because of that, London still remains at the top of many peoples list of places to visit, including mine. London was the place when many of my childhood memories were built, and where my experience of the 'big city' was built.

With the Pandemic slowly waning, and the vaccine beginning to take effect, it is hoped that by mid-summer London will once again be fully open for business. No one is hoping more for this than me. As editor of our London business directory Stanpost.com and London local businesses directory, I have had more insight to how businesses have fared over the last year, and how much they need for things to go back to normal. Over the last year, many of my clients have simply had to shut down. Why?

In addition, to the instructions from authorities that businesses shutter, many high street businesses place themselves in the best position to benefit from 'foot traffic'. When there is no workers, tourists, and residents outdoors, foot traffic completely evaporates and sales hit the floor. 

Of course, it is not that way for every business in the city. For instance, many online businesses have experienced increased revenue, and growth, over the last year. One study suggested that online sales had risen by 46% during the Pandemic. And, it does seem that online sales, ecommerce, will continue to grow as technology innovates. But, this does not benefit many small business owners who either don't have the 'know how' or the desire to compete with the eBays and Amazons of this world.

Ebay UK

One thing is for sure, if the Pandemic were to continue for another year, the traditional 'mum and dad bricks and mortar' style businesses would likely be shuttered forever. Landlords who have any compassion have been flexible when it comes to rent and other overheads, however even they have a limit to their patience, and bills to pay.

For that reason, the decline in Covid infections and deaths during February 2021 has been very welcome. With further progress, and the government steps working, summer of 2021 could return a sense of normality to this great, and proud city.

This blog piece was called, Why London? Why? Because London has survived 2 World Wars, survived the 'Spanish Flu', and survived financial crisis after financial crisis...not to mention the Plague, the Fire of London et al. London has proven to be a champion of the ages, where you can see the talents of thousands of years of architects, monarchs, and entrepreneurs, displayed at every corner. 

It is hard to see more culture, history, or progress in many cities of the World, than in London UK. Why London? Why not?