With Covid Restrictions Easing In The Capital, Is It Time To Party?


London Coronavirus Restrictions

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the extension to the Coronavirus 2020 act, which will now last until the Autumn. London businesses were worried, maybe financial losses would intensify again, putting many more out of business.

However, this black cloud of a news report was somewhat offset by record low numbers of Covid infections, and the ability to once again engage in outdoor sports in the capital. So, the question is: Is it time to parry again?

The Role Of Vaccines

With some news outlets reporting that around 30 million UK adults have now received the Covid-19 vaccine, the prevailing thought is that this global scourge has now been completely halted, and that life will once again return to normal.

There may be some truth in that. However, what tempers that feeling is that France has once again initiated restrictions, despite the rising vaccination rate, and other European countries are not yet seeing a decline in infection numbers.

Equally true, though, is that vaccinations probably have caused the number of cases in the UK to fall, but is it a permanent improvement? Not necessarily, here's why.

Mutant Strains

It is thought the current batch of vaccines should be more than capable of handling mutant variations of the virus, and they probably are. However, that does not mean that they will always be able to handle any variation of the virus that arises. It may be the case that, in the future, vaccines may have to be rejigged, or re administered in order to deal with strains of the Pandemic which are not yet on the scene..as it were.

Third Wave Fears

Authorities seem to believe that a third wave may occur once the Autumn hits the UK again, later this year. Why could that happen? Well, not everyone will get vaccinated, the vaccines are not 100% effective, and the aforementioned changes to the makeup of the virus could occur.

With that in mind, authorities have been reluctant to end the Covid-19 2020 emergency act, choosing instead to extend it by a further 6 months. Such actions, they believe, will allow for unforeseen complications arising, and having the authority to deal with them.

So, Is It Time To Party Again...Or Not?

It would be great if the answer to that was a resounding yes! However, the truth is that the answer is a cautious maybe:(

Restrictions have relaxed somewhat recently, enjoy them, but be aware that we may need to tighten our belts again soon. Should that be the case, it would be wise to appreciate every sunny day, every meal with friends, and every stroll in the park.

Enjoy Today, and Deal With Tomorrow.....Tomorrow