Covid: Work train journeys down more than half of pre-pandemic levels

 According to an article in the BBC the number of commuters using trains remains at less than half of pre-pandemic levels, figures show.

Trips made to or from work on the rail by commuters on the UK’s railways in the middle of October were only around 45% of what they were before the same period in 2019, notes the Rail Delivery Group (RDG). 

Remote But Not Isolated

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  • Covid: Work train journeys down more than half of pre-pandemic levels
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The reason it seems, is that people continue to work remotely. This means, people have gotten used to working at home, and continue to do so.

The issue seems to be only in relation to work though as recreational journeys have increased again and are now approximately 90% of what they were before Pandemic conditions arrived, the RDG said.

However, even this tidbit of good news is conditional since commuter journeys had only ticked up from late August when they were only 33% of pre Pandemic levels.

RDG director general Andy Bagnall said train services were adapting to meet the new needs of passengers, introducing new flexi season tickets, which provide commuters with “more choice”. In commenting on this he said:

“Rail connects people to jobs and opportunities, helps tackle congestion, and leaves the air in towns and cities cleaner than other forms of transport, so we’re keen to welcome more people back on board,” 

In response, a new campaign called “Let’s get back on track” is employed by the rain sector to encourage more people to travel by train.

The RDG said operators have health foremost, as demonstrated by enhanced cleaning of trains, and provide information to show passengers how toavoid the busiest times to travel.

Of course, the lack in working commuters have aided other sectors with data from the Department for Transport showing that in August car use in Britain was now up to or higher than before the first lockdown.

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